WSA Mission

To  actively  support  a  community  that  empowers  and  mobilizes  women  to  thrive academically, socially and  professionally  for  long-­term  success.

The WSA Board's 2012-2013 goal is to build a strong community of women on campus and celebrate, empower, and truly delight in the fabulous women associated with HBS. In order to create the conditions for women to truly thrive on campus, the WSA will focus on creating engaging and exciting events that allow women to discover their interests, meet other like-­minded women, advance their careers and personal development within a supportive network, and create lifelong friendships.

Baker Library


We execute our mission by connecting and supporting female students at HBS through mentoring programs, networking events, speaker series, the annual conference, and social and community events across sections and with other schools and organizations. Specific areas of focus include:

Buddy Program
Community Building
Joint Committee on Diversity
Moms & Partners
Professional Engagement & Development  
Section Reps 
WSA Conference