Recent Research

The HBS community is active in research about women in business. Some of the latest field studies and research will be provided on this website, as well as interesting and useful websites:

Women in the Workplace 2012- Ali Nuger, Shauna Chrittendon and Megan Trice of the class of 2012 explore what factors and supports make women most successful in the workplace.  Their field study focused on what organizations do to support working mothers/ parents as they strive to move to the top

Women on the Fast Track 2011- Molly Melican and Anne Zimmerman of the class of 2011 carried it this independent study to look at what strategies fast tracked executive women could use to build a successful career and family.  Their findings are summarized in this presentation.

Gender and Competition: What Companies need to know 2011- "Do women shy away from competition and thus hurt their careers? New research by Harvard's Kathleen L. McGinn, Iris Bohnet, and Pinar Fletcher suggests the answer is not black and white, and that employers need to understand the "genderness" of their work"

HBS Working Knowledge- More current research from HBS professors and students

Women in Business 2012 - Professor Robyn Ely's research findings on the state of women in business and overcoming challenges women face

Do you have a study you'd like to share here? If so, please email Jenny


The Forté Forum is an interactive forum held in cities across the country to educate women who may be considering an MBA and are looking for more information to make a decision.  For details and registration, visit

The Story Exchange is inspired by the fact that women around the world are starting businesses at ever higher rates in an astonishing range of fields – from biotech and wine-making, to construction and cakes. Many women think about setting up a business don’t know how or where to begin. The goal of the Story Exchange is to help change that using the power of video and social media. Visit

Opportunity for alumni to contribute to the WSA Fellowship

Every year the WSA awards up to a $20,000 fellowship to second year MBA students at HBS who embody the characteristics of integrity, leadership and excellence, and have contributed to the development of the women's community within HBS. 

To see more information please click the link for the flyer

For further inquiries and to contribute towards the fellowship, you may also contact Beth Murray

WSA Events

WSA events foster a sense of community, enrich learning learning or provide some good old fashion fun for the women of HBS. Some examples of this year's fall events include Small Group Dinners and Cocktail Hour, Dessert social for EC/RC Buddies, Panels with distinguished guest speakers, Class Participation Workshop with Professor Duggan, Mixer with women of Executive Education programs.