Career Switching

Changing Lanes: How Do I Know the Time Is Right?

Making the decision to change your career can seem daunting.  There are many reasons to change lanes: you want to develop new skills, you want to live out your passion and bring that enthusiasm to a new workplace, or maybe your life has taken new turns, and you need a career that fits. Hear from other women who have sought out and altered their career paths. Learn how to use your network and intuition to make your career better fit your skills and interests. 


Finding Mentors for Success

Consulting is a dynamic, rewarding but challenging career. Each consultant has to find her own path to success and personal fulfillment. Mentors are vital to guiding and developing the career of a consultant. The panel will allow us to learn from accomplished women who have been able to navigate and succeed in the Consulting industry by leveraging strong mentors.  


The Online Shopping Experience (Radical Experimentation)

Online shopping isn't just about finding the lowest price. Consumers now expect a shopping experience that comes to life as if they were in the actual store. From recommendation engines to digital customization studios, this panel will explore the innovative, value-added services and content retailers are offering online to be competitive. 


Still Waiting for Superman:  Enterprise Solutions in K-12 Education

US students rank 25th in math and 17th in science compared to students in other industrialized nations around the world.  To protect our global competitiveness we need to once-and-for-all stem the public education crisis in our nation.  More than a decade in to the 21st Century we've definitely made progress; but we have much more work to do.  Where must we be in 2020? How do we get there?


Fueling Success: Leading Ladies of Energy

This panel will explore the careers of women in one of the world’s oldest and most dynamic industries.  Topics will cover industry-specific trends as well as what it means to be a successful woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry.


For Women, By Women: How Entrepreneurs Win the Female Audience

Listen to a candid conversation around each phase of the entrepreneurial journey, including ideation, building out your team, raising external funding, growing revenue, and, in some cases, selling the business.  Throughout the conversation the panelists will focus on what it means to be a female entrepreneur in today's environment, and will provide guidance and advice to future entrepreneurs. This is a rare opportunity to draw inspiration from a diverse group of businesswomen who are successfully winning over female customers and making an impact in the everyday lives of women around the world.


Standing Out and Staying Sane: Achieving Balanced Success as a Woman in Finance

This panel will explore how women in finance define their upward path while integrating their personal passions and personal life with their work. We will address topics including setting goals, networking and mentorship, and maintaining balance. 

General Management

General Management in an Interconnected World

"When the frontiers of your firm go beyond the firm, how do you manage the indirect workforce, their expectations and capabilities? This panel wil discuss how to push beyond the boundaries of your firm to manage your ecosystem and build mutually beneficial relationships. As more women are attaining high level managerial positions and engaging more in international businesses, are there any challenges particularly unique to women?"

Global Career

Succeeding on the World Stage

With globalization, the world becomes our stage. Come learn from two incredible industry leaders who have experience across industries and continents. They will share their unique paths taken, their variety of international experiences and words of wisdom on how they have managed to carve their own career success on the world stage.


Healthcare Innovation in the Face of Rapid Change

The healthcare industry is facing a tremendous time of both challenge and opportunity – aging populations, global access issues, increasing costs of care, emphasis on outcomes, need for innovation, and regulatory change.  In this rapidly changing environment, different players must come up with new strategies to stay competitive and address these problems. Come hear speakers from various sectors of healthcare discuss challenges that their organizations are facing as well as new models of success that are being explored to identify possible solutions.


Managing a Different Kind of House:  Women in the Casino and Gaming Industry

"Exploring the perspectives of women in the casino and gaming industry and their experiences in a male dominated industry: How do they overcome/work around stereotypes of typical female professions (showgirls, etc.) in the industry?  How can professional young women break into the casino industry?"


Go New or Go Home: A New Age of Innovative Marketing

From viral videos to anchored barges, marketing in the 21st century is taking on increasingly unexpected forms. Come with us as we analyze the decisions behind these new methods as well as the difficulties and opportunities inherent in them. 


Making the Cut: Women in Media, Sports and Entertainment

Women leaders in the Media, Entertainment, and Sports worlds share insights and personal stories about breaking into this competitive and fascinating space. Learn firsthand about trends in the industry, as well as what it means to be a female leader at leading M/E/S companies. Panelists will also share advice on how to break into the industry.


Negotiations: Creating the Ultimate Win-Win

Join us as experienced negotiators from various industries discuss the art of negotiations and how the leverage their stills to build value and create win-win situations for themselves and their organizations.


The Essential Link Between Operations and Strategy

Alignment between operations, strategy and customer promise is important in all industries, even those that aren't typically thought of as "operations-heavy."  In operations, it is mission critical. Accomplished professionals in various operations roles will discuss the importance of strong, aligned operations in their companies and reflect on their careers in the field.


Brand Transformations in Retail

For retail companies, a strong brand is a critical driver of revenue and customer loyalty.  This panel will feature managers whose companies have developed new brands, revitalized declining brands and maintained mature brands through innovation. Join us to learn what has defined successful brand development and transformation across a variety of companies and situations.


Making Career Leaps: An Alumni-Exclusive Panel

How have entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial alums charted their own career paths and "invented" their next jobs? How do you take career leaps if your dream job isn't already out there and you have to create it? Featuring several impressive alumni, this panel is an exclusive opportunity for HBS Alumni attendees to hear from their peers and reunite with their classmates.

Social Enterprise

Empower Women Through Social Enterprise

Come join us in a discussion with inspirational social entrepreneurs who are helping women and girls dream big. This panel will explore how social enterprise can be a lever to influence women’s empowerment.  We will hear from women leaders in social enterprise, both from the investment and operational perspective. They will share the tactics and techniques they employ to achieve success in social enterprise and explore the challenges that still need to be met.  How can social enterprise help women of all ages achieve their goals?  How can you drive change through innovation in business?

Social Media

What’s Trending: Why Social Media Is Your Network Now

New studies released every day show that women are twice as likely as men to use social networking sites to communicate with the world around them, debunking the myth that women are not savvy networkers or technologically sophisticated compared with their male peers. How should we bridge the gap from being consumers of social media to creating the next big social media venture? And as independent, professional women, how can we leverage our presence on social networks to create a strong professional network? Come listen to a diverse and accomplished panel of women as they share their thoughts, insights and recommendations on how to carve a niche in the digital arena. 


Ahead of the Curve: Staying Competitive in Tech

How do you become and stay successful in a dynamic sector like technology that has low barriers to entry? How do you differentiate yourself from others to stay ahead of the curve? How big is the trade-off between aiming for innovation versus execution? Panelists from large-cap to startup will explore these questions and share the challenges that they've faced in the tech industry.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

VC & PE: Challenges Post-Recession

As the venture capital and private equity industries refocus in the aftermath of the financial crisis, the sector faces significant challenges about its growth trajectory.  Women currently comprise less than 10% of VCPE investment professionals.  Join us as our panelists share their perspectives on the future of the industry and the opportunities available to women.

Work/Life Balance

The Many Paths to Success Both at Work and in Life

Many choices are available to women in balancing work, childcare, and other responsibilities of life. This panel will explore the stories of professional women who have taken different paths and learned to re-define success in the context of alife.