Date: October 1, 2010
Subject: WSA Weekly Newsletter Sep 29, 2010 Issue

WSA Weekly Newsletter

September 29, 2010, Issue #3


WSA Club Announcements


  Want to leave your mark at HBS? Join the WSA Conference Team! 

As the largest student-led conference at HBS, the WSA Conference brings together over 1,000 students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders to discuss, share and learn about issues specific to female business leaders.


Five Reasons to Join a WSA Conference Team:

1.       Network with female business leaders

2.       Explore career opportunities

3.       Meet classmates beyond your section who care about women in business

4.       Form lasting friendships

5.       Make a difference at HBS

ALL WSA Leadership position applications are due TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT. Don’t miss out!


Class Participation:  Want to get involved, be more involved, or be better involved? Any way you slice it, Frances Frei is here to show you HOW!



TODAY, 3 – 5 pm in Aldrich 9, Professor Frei will demonstrate how to get more skin in the game in the classroom. No matter how far along you are in your participation development, she has tips and tricks that are useful for everyone.


WSA Club Events


Classroom Participation Best Practices

HBS Entrepreneurship Forum, a Boston Regional Entrepreneurship Week (BREW) Event


"How We Got to the Top of the World"

Debi Greenberg, President of LouisBoston

Buddy Program:

Final Week of Buddy Program Kickoff


Forté Foundation Women Lead Webinar Series Prep Day


A Conversation with Brady Dougan, CEO, Credit Suisse: Issues in Leading a Global Financial Organization

Social & Community:

Interactive comedy, "FishNet-NetWorks.Net!"



Title: Classroom Participation Best Practices

When: September 29, 2010; 3 – 5 pm

Where: Aldrich 9

What: Join insightful (and often hilarious) RC Head Francis Frei in a discussion on how to make strong comments and succeed in the classroom. Both men and women are welcome to attend.

For more information:


Title: HBS Entrepreneurship Forum, a Boston Regional Entrepreneurship Week (BREW) Event

When: Oct. 14 from 3:00-6:00

Where: Spangler Aud & Kresge Lounge

What: "Myth busting in Massachusetts" The data show are in and they show that women in Massachusetts are breaking barriers and busting myths by starting and leading venture backed companies at 6x the rate of any other state. Come hear a panel of four CEOs who are leading their venture backed companies right now talk about how they got here, where they are going and what lessons we could learn from their experiences. Also, meet women from the SHEos, a newly formed group of entrepreneurial CEOs which is already over 50 strong. A talk with Tom Stemberg, MBA '73, founder of Staples, on "Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneurial Career" and a Networking Reception will follow.

For more information: Register here:



Title"How We Got to the Top of the World" ~A story of a startup that became a $4 billion mobile business~ Tomoko Namba, Founder/CEO of DeNA

When: October 7, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Where: Aldrich 111

What:  DeNA is a fast-growing Japanese company that owns and operates the world’s largest virtual identity social network site (SNS), Mobage-town. DeNA has posted excellent results, drawing from a user community that is more engaged than those of western giants, Zynga and Facebook. Net revenues of the company in 2010 will reach over $1 billion from just 21 million users, mostly generated from the sale of virtual goods on social games.  In this seminar, Tomoko Namba, founder of DeNA will discuss how DeNA was able to achieve this spectacular growth and how it plans to apply the business model to global markets.

For More Information:


TitleDebi Greenberg, President of LouisBoston

When: Tuesday, October 12, 6:30 p.m.

Where: LouisBoston,  60 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02110

What:  Please join the HBSWA at the new LouisBoston for a fabulous night of fashion, food and fun.  Our host is Debi Greenberg, President of Louis, who represents the 4th generation of the family who has owned Louis for the last 81 years and the first woman to be at its helm. Women's Student Association Member: $10 per person.  

For More Information: Registration required: 


Buddy Program

TitleFinal Week of Buddy Program Kickoff

When: Thursday, September 30, 12:00-1:00pm EST

Where: Spangler Grille

What:  This week is the final week for the Buddy Program kickoff – Frozen Yogurt and Beverages in Spangler Grille!  ECs, vouchers for the Grille have been placed in your Aldrich mailboxes.  Vouchers expire after Friday, 10/1, so please make sure you and your buddy enjoy a treat on the WSA before then!

For More Information:



TitleForté Foundation Women Lead Webinar Series

When: Thursday, September 30, 12:00-1:00pm EST

Where: Online

What:  Ask the Coach – Preparing for Critical Career Moments presented by Dr. Wanda Wallace, Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and CEO of the Leadership Forum Inc.  This session will examine critical moments such as:  acquiring a new manager; raising your hand for a new opportunity; moving into a strategic leadership role or high visibility committee role; coping with different styles; and planning a discussion about a short term leave of absence.  Dr. Wallace answers questions and provides practical strategies for managing these career moments and achieving a successful outcome.

For More Information:



TitleA Conversation with Brady Dougan, CEO, Credit Suisse: “Issues in Leading a Global Financial Organization”

When: Thursday, October 7th, 2010, 3:15pm - 4:30pm

Where: Aldrich 107

What:  CEO Brady Dougan and Chief Talent, Branding and Communications Officer, Pamela Graham, will be on campus and have offered to host an intimate educational discussion with a select group of females students. Registration is mandatory and will be on a first come first serve basis.

For More Information: Please use the following link to register for this event by October 3rd.


Social & Community

Title:  Interactive comedy, "FishNet-NetWorks.Net!"

When: Saturday, September 25th and October 2nd, 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Where: Nick's Comedy Stop in Boston's Theater District

What:  Our show is a hilarious, 13 character, partially improvised/partially scripted parody of a corporate meeting! HBS student discount: $12 ticket (be sure to mention HBS to get the correct price)

For More Information:  and