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    Student Club - Professional

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    The only events for the year that aren’t included in the membership dues are the Retreat and Conference. If you purchase the items now, we offer an additional discount. See below for information on the Retreat and Conference:



    November 16-17 in Providence, Rhode Island

    Retreat tickets are $65 for non-members, $55 when purchased with a 1-year membership or $45 with a 2-year membership

    Included in the price of the retreat is a free HCC shirt, a shared double room, transportation to and from Providence, a cocktail reception upon arrival, social activities, a Club dinner at a local restaurant and a catered breakfast. We will be hosting an “Open Your Rolodex” event on the morning of the 17th so that Club members can leverage each other’s networks to find interesting opportunities.



    February 9th, 2019 on Campus

    We’ve made sure the Conference does not conflict with any RC or EC scheduling (e.g., class schedules, other conferences). It is the largest conference on campus and will include several keynote addresses, panels, a networking lunch, a networking reception and cool swag. The speakers in past years include CEOs, Senators, company founders, leading Venture Capitalists and many more.

    • $40 (1 Yr Membership) - Membership will end on 31 May 2021
    • $65 (2 Yr Membership) - Membership will end on 31 May 2022
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